Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishat

One of the paradoxes of Indian culture is that though science took birth at the tip of ancient man's stone tool and though it grew into an all-powerful, all-embracing entity following the footsteps of struggling human entity, there came a period when science was gradually dragged away from the life of the common man. The Parisad has the objective of bringing science back to the everyday life of the common man, its creator and benefactor. Having the objective of inculcating the scientific spirit among the people, the Parishat believes that true progress and change in our society are achievable only on the strong foundation of Science and the scientific spirit.

It was in 1957 that a few eminent popular science writers of Kerala formed an organisation called Sastra Sahitya Parish at with the objective of promoting popular science literature in Malayalam. This became the nucleqs for the Parisad which was founded in 1962. It was in 1967, that the Parishat resolved to transform itself into a mass movement. Both the intellectual and the layman are in its fold at present. With a membership of about 5,000 in 250 units all over Kerala, the Parishat has started experimenting on a new style of work since the 70's. In 1971, the Paris hat organised a statewide campaign to coincide with its annual conference, as part of which its members addressed several meetings at different centres before arriving at the conference. Doctors, engineers and other emi· nent men of science, .thus had an opportumty of talking to the man in the street on the topics of science.

The Parishat has a rural science forum, a rural science academy and several other sub-in~titutions under its wing. It brings out a large number of periodicals, books and pamphlets as part of its activities to disseminate matters of science, Sastragati, Sastra keralam, Eureka, Grama filstram and Billa sastra are the five monthly magazines published by the Parishat for different categories of members and the public. The Parishat has organised a number of science clubs and science corners, conducts "Eureka Science talent Tests" among primary school students of the State, and has many other creative activities.